How to not advance a dialogue for change feat. NYPD

Headline from ABC News: “Hundreds Turn Their Back on de Blasio at NYPD Officer’s Funeral”

Seriously, guys? I’m so frustrated by the NYPD’s reaction to Mayor DeBlasio acknowledging the conversations he and his wife have had with their son. This how to block dialogue and change. Police are not Klansmen. They are also not perfect. Acknowledging their imperfection is not equivalent to accusing them all of wearing white hoods and being cops because they are intent on decimating the black race. People are people. People have biases. When did it become offensive and disrespectful of their sacrifice to acknowledge that? They are no more or less perfect than any other people working in any other profession. There are medical malpractice suits when doctors make mistakes because doctors should always be trying to provide the best care possible. Why are the police so angry about being asked to provide the best care possible of the citizens they are supposed to protect?


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